2020 and behold comes with it the promise of great growth and change. As part expansion and growth, we're excited to launch our very first business digest Newsletter, which is specifically designed to help small businesses, marketers, social entrepreneurs, bloggers and creative freelancers succeed in their online endeavors.

We don't know about you, but we feel like this period has been dragging on forever. It could be the dreadfully Covid-19 pandemic, or it could be the fact that a lot has changed for the last few months. Either way, we are glad things are looking up and soon this will be a thing of the past.

So, what do all these changes mean for small businesses and entrepreneurs, how in the world can a business hope to keep up, when clients first stop is searching internet before they make a decision to purchase? The good news is you don't have to monitor those trends. We will do it for you. The Internet is simply a tool, and it's our job to help you use it in the way that's right for you

As we celebrate our milestone we are offering you a free guide on how to create an online presence from scratch you can download your copy here

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We want this newsletter to be valuable for you so please, share your feedback and suggestions to help us improve.

We are in a new normal a time for new strategies and goals as well as renewed energy to get things done. This month's newsletter is all about getting things rolling

Stay safe!

We recently launched Abetec Market Place, a milestone that we have been dreaming of since the Covid-19 pandemic crisis emerged. We are grateful to everyone who made this launch successful, now you can also explore & share useful resources in our page here
Here are some interesting statistics since the launch a week ago -

  • Total businesses subscribed:80
  • Type of businesses: 90% Small businesses
  • Total Freelancers:25
  • Total mentors & support:10
Thank you so much
This would not have been possible without you believing in us.

Keep sharing with your networks so that we can support as many small businesses as possible.

From the above data its evident the small businesses are in dare need of our support.

Creative ladies
Meet Mariam the creative designer
Empowering young street people with creative skills that enable them to turn trash to treasure
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Meet Josephine the Animator
Do you want to tell your brand story in a visual ..Josephine will help you do just that
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HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator :Whether you're a freelancer ,entrepreneur or you work for a company, blogging has become a big part of online marketing.The first thing people will see on your blog (and decide whether to click or not) is the article title. This one is a purely a random-title generator. But the quantity and quality of ideas it gives away for free is notable.

Ecomconnect is Providing resources to small business owners on how to start and manage their own e-commerce sites is a drag-and-drop HTML editor and builder for responsive email templates.

Top Free online business classes for aspiring entrepreneurs

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Introducing an amazing opportunity for you to share your skills and add value to someones growth.On the flip side, magic happens when you join a community and find people who are ready to walk with you.Its a huge gift! .Wondering how to get involved,you can find out more right here Mentors and Mentees
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marketing course
Did you know that, 89% of buyers start their buying journey online? Think about your own experience,how many times do you google a product to compare prices,get more information or better understand the product or the service?This information is the result of content marketing. It's meant to educate, inform and help you get your needs aligned, or address your question. And as a result, it's designed to help you make an informed decision...Are you satisfied with how your business looks in the sight of the buyers searching for products and services online.Marketing strategy has changed ,you dont want to be left behind.
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